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Power up your Software and IT Services franchise

We propose an end-to-end screening and origination activity leveraging our specialized team and top executive Member base to power your team’s sourcing engine

Build conviction faster and deeper

We leverage our specialist team and member community to provide a top-down perspective on software and IT services, including in-depth segment pre-DDs contextualizing players with:
Competitive dynamics
Winning recipes
On-the-ground realities

Build a focused list of high-quality opportunities

We provide a single source of truth in our unique, insight-focused intelligence base rolling up
quantitative and qualitative analyses into
editorialized company deep dives:
Focus on upcoming deal-flow and primary & secondary targets matching your investment criteria
Backed by 3-5+ interview transcripts per company leveraging perspectives of alumni, customers, competitors & channel partners

Capture value with high-potential targets

We support you in assessing software companies’ level of fundamental strength and attractiveness in light of your investment criteria to:
Identify top proactive origination priorities for your team
Provide introductions to CEOs and experts/advisors to grow relationships in the space


about us

“Since making our sourcing engine a strategic priority to focus our investments, the ROI for us has been unquestionable. The origination work done by the [Software Club] team has freed up around 30% of our internal team’s time to really focus on high-value activities, meaning we now can say no faster and get to yes quicker. This is all thanks to the conviction we have in our targets, which underpins deal quality for us.”

— Tech Partner of a European Buyout Fund
"We got incredible feedback from the rest of the team, everybody is super impressed by the quality of the output. We are super impressed by the quality of our discussions. We now have requests from everybody within the fund to go towards Software Club when there is a new company we’re working on to see if they can add it in their roadmap.”

— Director of a Pan-European Buyout Fund