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Join our mission of uncovering and investing in the best B2B software companies in the world

Working with us guarantees building expertise and knowledge in one of the world’s most important fields and provides opportunities to accelerate your career within and outside of Software Club. You will attain the level of methodology and professionalism that you get from working at top strategy consulting, M&A, and investment firms (Private Equity / Fundamental Hedge Funds / Tier 1 VCs)

The way we



We value the fruits of collaboration as much as we do individual creativity


As a fast-growing scale-up, we aim to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and to break down barriers to optimize processes


We dedicate our efforts to become experts in each thing we do
You have the opportunity to accelerate your career within and outside of Software Club. Every team member gains expertise in different aspects of tech—one of the most important fields in business. We will give you the level of methodology and professionalism that you get from working at the top strategy consulting firms, investment banks, and investment companies. These learned skills and experience will be highly valued after as evidenced by Software Club alumni who have gone on to continue their careers at companies like:
Investment Banking, Private Equity & Asset Management
Strategy Consulting
Software & Technology

Our core


Expertise in Software & Tech
shared knowledge & transparency
internally developed strong convictions based on deep research
Multifaceted perspective
internal diversity
global perspective
complimentary views
building a dream team
working towards global leadership
exchanging complimentary views
Pioneer mindset
new company model &
ways of growing
speed of innovation &
focused & lean
Thoughtful listening
as our DNA & mindset, and the foundation of our methodology
driven by feedback
listening to opinions from experts
Collective growth
team = members = investors
shared goal of learning & developing further
people are our main asset


What is the best way to apply for a role at Software Club?

Our open positions are published on LinkedIn, Welcome to the Jungle, and Job Teaser. As we are growing fast, we have vacancies all year round. For your application, we require a CV and also highly appreciate a cover letter to understand what motivates you to join our team.

Is English your working language?

Indeed. We are an international team and use English as a working language. With that said, your ability to also speak French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic or Mandarin will be a plus.

Do you have other opportunities apart from full-time contracts?

Aside from full-time CDI positions, we also offer gap-year and end of study internships and apprenticeships.

Do you have career opportunities outside of Paris, France?

Yes, we do! Software Club not only hires for the Paris office but also for roles in London, Cairo, the Philippines as well as full-remote. A location is always specified in every job advertisement. At present, our head office is in the heart of Paris at 55 rue la Boétie, Paris 75008.

What is the hiring process like at Software Club?

The hiring process slightly varies depending on the urgency of the role, but in general, it is straightforward and usually takes an average of 4 weeks from when you submit an application to when an offer is made. For the sake of transparency, we list all of the detailed steps for every position on the job ad.

Once you have submitted an application, we will assess whether your listed skills and experience are a match for the role we are looking to fill. Successful applicants will receive an email from our HR Team on the next steps of the process.

Do you sponsor visas?

We do offer visa sponsorships depending on the role. Visa information is always specified in every job description.

Do you support full remote work?

The flexibility on remote work differs for each position, so we encourage you to get in touch with our recruitment team to check on the possibility of working remotely for the position that you apply for.

Do you have any advice for acing an interview with Software Club?

What we’re really looking for during interviews is to understand how your previous experiences have helped you prepare for the role you are applying for at Software Club. It is also important that you understand the job description and to know as much as you can about the company. Come prepared with a few concrete examples that show your strengths as well as questions you would like to ask our team. We believe interviews are two-way streets, and we would be delighted to answer all your questions to help you understand better who we are and what we do.