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Software Club

We have developed a unique expertise on Software & Technology leveraging:

a community of members connecting leading tech founders & executives and professional investors
a unique team of researchers who specialize in B2B software and technology
deep relationships with the highest performing Private Equity fund Buyout and Growth deal teams in the world


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For B2B software executives & entrepreneurs,
family offices and professional investors
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Why Software Club



Software & tech will be bringing the best investment opportunities in the next 5 years

There's never been a greater need for automation and efficiency in the world, and we'll be seeing more and more software & tech companies start, grow, innovate and disrupt

Investing well in software & tech companies requires in-depth analysis

Only thorough work, through long discussions with alumni, customers and competitors, can help you invest confidently in software & tech companies. We are researchers focused on software & technology

A community can achieve more
and achieve better

Software Club is made of the most focused global team of researchers, surrounded by a community of high-profile Members and industry experts to help make the right investment decisions