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January 25, 2023

The very least that we should be able to expect from a chancellor of the exchequer is that they are assiduous in complying with their own rules, but then Zahawi was appointed by Rishi Sunak, a prime minister whose family also made use of convenient provisions only available for the very richest people.

As a Patriotic Millionaire, part of a network from multiple industries and of differing backgrounds who want a more just, stable and inclusive economy and the end of extreme wealth, I see tax as investment in our public services and I would welcome being required to pay more tax as a person with the privilege of wealth.

These aren’t just small slip-ups – they are symptoms of a governing political elite that is rotten to its core; symptoms of politicians who think they don’t have to play by the same rules as their electorate. Each time this government is caught out for antisocial conduct and fails to sanction its own, it sends a message that antisocial behaviour is OK. It is not. Being “careless” in relation to paying tax due isn’t just a bit cheeky, it doesn’t make you a geezer or a smart businessman. But that’s the message that this government seems to portray.

Paying tax pays for our NHS, cares for our pensioners, educates our kids and defends our country. It is not optional, and those with wealth are in the privileged position to contribute more. Those who then fail to pay or are “careless” about paying their legally required share need to be called out as unfit to govern.

The low-tax, small-state dogma that this government is still blindly clinging to is an out-of-date concept. It never was fit for purpose, and with the scale of the crises layering one on top of the other, it certainly isn’t now. It is not only old, discredited economics, it is irresponsible and contrary to family values. It lets down our ageing population and it totally lets down our young people. We require a government that steps up and tackles the multiple crises facing the British people – from dangerous climate change to the cost of living, energy, health and social care crises.

We need a government that treats tax as vital investment, not a dirty word. We need a government that stops treating taxing the wealthiest people in society as off the cards. For too long we have expected too little from ultra-wealthy people, assuming that they have to be pandered to; that we shouldn’t ask too much of them or they’ll pack up their toys and leave in a huff. That’s not good enough. We don’t accept that attitude from our kids so we shouldn’t accept it from wealthy people, or the political elite setting the rules in their favour. Plus good luck getting a London mansion or a grouse moor in your suitcase!

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